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Life in Kakuma

First of all, there's Kakuma town and there is Kakuma refugee camp. One, two, three, four and even Kakuma five. Some impressions about life in Kakuma 1.

First time teaching in our own school

Today started off as a very stressful day. Because of the German president's visit (not Merkel), we were not allowed to transport our laptops from UN compound to Kakuma 1. And so we only had 2h to transform an empty building to an innovation lab school including desks, 100 laptops, internet…

2 activities: Cush and Angelina Jolie

Today we went to Cush primary school. One of the oldest schools in Kakuma. We did a paper plane activity with grade 4 and grade 8. 200 students. I noticed they still have and use the solar suitcase I bought 4 years ago. At Angelina Jolie boarding schools we did the activity with the…

Beyond words

No picture can tell how life in Kakuma is. Yet I decided to share some. Life is hot and hard in the refugee camp. Today we visited the Fashoda Primary school and our own 2 new Innovation Lab schools aka Maggies. The students were over exited to see the new schools after a 1 week break. They…

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Innovation Lab! Why?

The Kakuma Maggies will become 2 innovation lab schools. Why? The schools will be equipped with 100 laptops. Since internet connections are really expensive, our Rachel device will offer a lot of offline content which students can access via WIFI: Wikipedia, tools from trash, books and our…

Meet the... Kakuma Academy!

During the past weeks we launched the #Kakuma Academy and did something extraordinary. 100 teachers globally created free video lessons aligned to the new Kenyan curriculum: Science, Math and English. Refugee students will be able to learn on demand. This is also called Flipped Learning. Students…

Maggie 2 up in the air!

The solar panels are all set on the container. We will have an artist who'll paint the Maggies and container. Today I'll go for our banner and stickers to decorate the schools. Maggie 2 is up in the air. Progress!

Maggie 1 in the air

Maggie 2 in the air and container with Solars ready. We are making progress!

Covered by Belgian television

The Kakuma mission was covered by Belgian television and newspapers. VRT showed how a Maggie was built and for what purpose. Read about the project in Belang van Limburg, Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws. Or check our Press page.