First time teaching in our own school

Today started off as a very stressful day. Because of the German president's visit (not Merkel), we were not allowed to transport our laptops from UN compound to Kakuma 1. And so we only had 2h to transform an empty building to an innovation lab school including desks, 100 laptops, internet connection, tv, speakers, webcam, etc. Internet was broken until 10min before we started off. All covered by our team of 8 film makers.

It was everything to see the students equipping their own school. Spontaneously.

We first welcomed 100 students from different schools. Most primary schools house up to 1,500 students with 200 students in each classroom. Big holes in the walls, overcrowded. Today many of those students touched a laptop for the very first time in their lives. After 1h they managed to Google Lukaku and make some drawings to reflect. We had fun.

Right after the students we had 50 teachers whom we gave training. We did the Lego Duck challenge and had Dr. Jennifer Williams and Dr. Loise from Nairobi University on a Zoom call.

Mission accomplished! Tomorrow official launch! Be surprised.