Meet the... Kakuma Academy!

During the past weeks we launched the #Kakuma Academy and did something extraordinary. 100 teachers globally created free video lessons aligned to the new Kenyan curriculum: Science, Math and English. Refugee students will be able to learn on demand. This is also called Flipped Learning. Students will be able to learn anytime (anywhere) from world-renowned experts. Win!

Since internet connectivity in the Kakuma refugee camp is extremely expensive (4G = 5mbps = 990USD/month!), we found an offline solution. The Rachel Plus device makes 400GB including Wikipedia, Khan Academy, TED, Gupta Toys, hundreds of books, etc offline available. Our 100 laptops will be able to connect to the Rachel via WIFI. Thanks to Kolibri from Learning Equality we will be able to add our resources when there is very little internet connection. Kolibri uses P2P. Between you and me... Learning Equality has the best consultants always happy to help you out!

Thank you so much to our wonderful teacher community. Kudos to our coordinators Kirsten (UK), Lynn (Canada), Jim (Canada), Michael (New Zealand), Ashley (Ireland), Donna (USA), Emma (Kuwait), Meghna (India), Bhavna (India), Kate (Ireland), Ashley (Honduras), Julia (USA).