We officially launched our school

We officially launched our school with lots of activities. We started of having 8 Zoom interaction with students from across the world focussing on Climate Change: Ireland, Portugal, Thailand, USA, Kenya, India, etc.

This opens up so many opportunities. Now the students are connected with the world they can participate in our global projects like the Climate Action Project.

During the interactions there were discussions and the students sang songs. Our refugee consultants Franco and Nhial offered great support.

After the Skype interactions we played a game called Dreidel with students from South Africa, USA and Ireland.

The students were sent 1,500 postcards from students in every continent. The refugees were delighted to read these personal messages. They also created their own postcards. Did you know many Kakuma students don't own pencils?

For every country we put a sticky on our world map.

We concluded our day with a webinar by WWF and NASA. We had Matt Larsen-Daw from WWF-UK and Richard David, head Mars Mission at NASA. We sometimes experienced some issues with internet connectivity but most activities went well.

A quick interview with Radio Kakuma

Our new school was officially opened by UNHCR with a real ceremony including a tree planting.

By the end of the day I reflected during a 2h interview with the camera crew. Some thoughts:
- there is no "Kakuma student". Every learner is different affected by grade, country they fled, school they attend, gender, etc. The students who came were all grade 8 but the fact they came from 6 different schools caused some trouble. But they all require a different approach and so we need to revise the program.
- we need to offer the "global teachers" more context about the students' lives.