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350 Educators across 70 countries offering Free Education to Refugees via Skype

Maggie goes to Kakuma

Koen Timmers, Maggie Program NPO and DMOA architects want to combine forces by building an Innovation Lab School for about 200 children equipped with additional digital classes to train local refugees in becoming qualified teachers. The result is an educational and vocational training center all in one, connected to the world via Skype and internet.
Refugees flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution. Many are separated from their families and friends and have no options to support themselves other than to rely on aid.

55% of the refugees in Kakuma are children. Only half of them attend school. Child labor, cultural barriers, lack of resources, family needs, and young marriages causes huge amounts of dropouts. But above all there is a great shortage of school infrastructure and skilled teachers.

Maggie Goes To Kakuma


Educational Centre


October 2019


Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County, Kenya


Koen Timmers


Maggie Program
Innovation Lab School Project
TAG Foundation

Estimated budget:

125 000 euro


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First innovation Lab School in Kakuma

Although successful and already changing lives, the Kakuma Skype project lacks decent infrastructure. Today only 20 students at a time can join a session leaving hundreds more on a waiting list. Building a new school would allow to increase the amount of Skype sessions and the number of students involved. On top of that, teachers can be trained simultaneously using videos. The new school will be the first in Kenya to be part of the Innovation lab school project which will offer Kakuma refugee camp a lot of attention globally.

The design for the Kakuma Innovation Lab School

A setup with two Maggie shelters (2x 100m2) and a one-way 20ft container (24m2) that will be used to ship in the school. Resulting in a total inner surface area of 224m2 or 800 m3.

The container will be attached to the 2 door openings of the shelters as a safe box that is only accessible from the inside of the classes. It will provide the necessary storage for the laptops, battery packs and other valuables. On top of the Maggie roof, solar panels can be mounted.

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Available languages: DA | DE | EN | ES | FI | GR | LT | NL | PT
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