The Kakuma Maggies will become 2 innovation lab schools. Why?

The schools will be equipped with 100 laptops. Since internet connections are really expensive, our Rachel device will offer a lot of offline content which students can access via WIFI: Wikipedia, tools from trash, books and our very own instructional videos.

Thanks to Kolibri we can still upload and update resources back home. The laptops will also allow our teachers to offer coding classes to 5,000 girls and young entrepreneurs.

Live interactions with students across the world

Thanks to our laptops, tv, projector and webcam we will be able to have virtual live interactions with students across the world. Our community has 100,000 students across 98 countries. Thanks to the Skype and Zoom exchanges we will be able to offer students across the world the opportunity to have a live interactions giving them a fair perspective into the refugees’ lives. Our unique way to fight against polarisation. We will also be training teachers and raise the bar of education in Kakuma.

Expensive microscopes in remote areas? Foldscopes are very cool cheap solutions. Our Greenscreen will bring students to other parts of the world and the SDGs will allow them to focus on global issues like Climate Change, Gender Equality and Sustainability.

Our 360 degree camera will record videos which can be converted to VR cardboard goggles. Those will allow students globally to take a look at their conditions and give them better understanding about their lives.