Mission Kakuma News

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Building a school

Two brand new Innovation Lab Schools were launched in Kakuma February 2020.

Innovation Lab! Why?

Two Innovation Lab Schools equipped with laptops, a tv, projector,..

Covered by Belgian television

The Kakuma mission was covered by Belgian television and newspapers.

Meeting UNHCR

Maggie Program and Innovation Lab Schools went to UNHCR Brussels for final agreements.

Our @stfxsos peer tutoring and leadership buckets are full this morning as we got to chat with students in the Kakuma Refugee Camp with ... #ProjectKakuma thanks to @zelfstudie. We chatted about Canadian sports, culture and animals. What a great opportunity, thank you!

Have you ever been dreaming of a 🎽, signed by a professional athlete? This is your chance!

With #cycling4education we're launching ... #auction4education! More than 60 autographed items of (inter)national athletes ready to be auctioned to the benefit of #ProjectKakuma! Stay tuned!

Our Global Response Team is currently bringing change in Kenya. Solar lights 💡 will be helping many families in Kibera slums. Stay tuned!...

Students in our #Kakuma school learning about Health & Food. Happy faces and a sign language teacher. Great start to the week.

... @UNHCR_Kenya @UNHCRBelgie @MaggieProgram