Mission Kakuma News

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Postcards for Kakuma

We did a call for Postcards for Kakuma asking students globally to send their messages for the refugees.

Looking forward to working with Dept of Education Gibraltar on climate education. ... https://www.chronicle.gi/dept-of-education-takes-climate-change-into-the-classroom-with-international-initiative @cortes_john @GibChronicle

How can 360 strategies help children (and adults) fight climate change?
https://www.cineuropa.org/en/newsdetail/413827 #cartoon360

Children Change Their Parents’ Minds about Climate Change
... https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/children-change-their-parents-minds-about-climate-change/

I'm grateful of this great project, thanks again @zelfstudie @JenWilliamsEdu. Our children are excited to receive the official plaque from ... Cartoon Network. Here is the evidence when they just received a badge. 🇲🇽🌎🌟