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Every child deserves an education

Teaching African refugees via Skype

Take a look how we are teaching the refugees

Koen (Belgium) teaches the students from Cush primary school about the body systems (Jan 2018)

Koen (Belgium) teaches during the Skype-a-Thon

Jennifer (Argentina) teaches Geography (Nov 2016)

Mio (Japan) doing a MysterySkype (Nov 2016)

Josh (USA) teaches English (Nov 2016)

Vicent (Spain) teaches Geography (Nov 2016)

Angie (Argentina) doing a MysterySkype (Nov 2016)

Judith (Austria) teaching English (Mar 2016)

Notice the contrast between both classrooms. But all students were equally motivated, inspired and happy.

Judith Kakuma

Vicent (Spain) teaching Physical education (Feb 2016)

Vicent Kakuma

Skype-a-thon: connecting 24 global schools to Kakuma

During the Skype-a-thon (Dec 3+4 2015) we managed to connect the Kakuma students to 24 global schools from USA, India, Israel, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, Austria, Denmark, etc. All together these calls resulted in a stunning 137.000 virtual miles!

We collected all pictures in this presentation: https://t.co/bb75SCRlSx

skype-a-thon Kakuma

Paula (Finland) teaching English (Oct 2015)


Mette (Denmark) and her students (Sep 2015) 

Teaching Refugees via Skype  

Kurt (Austria) teaching Math (June 2015) 


Tatjana (Lithuania) teaching Geography (June 2015) 

Teaching Refugees via Skype  

Joao (Portugal) and Koen (Belgium) teaching Geography (May 2015) 


Ovi (Spain) and Pernille (Denmark) having a conversation with the Kakuma teachers (May 2015)

Teaching Refugees via Skype  

Koen (Belgium) teaching Computer Science (May 2015)

Teaching Refugees via Skype

The schools of Kakuma Refugee Camp are short in resources. There is a 1:10 textbook ratio and there aren't any devices at all. By raising funds we are trying to increase the level of education. Want to help us? Please donate

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